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How can I get more detailed logging?

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Logging within Studio is controlled by the property configuration settings within the respective Target Environment.

Performance Warning: Please be advised that enabling logging within Studio can adversely affect performance.

To enable logging within Studio:

  1. Within Studio, go to Settings > Target Environment.
  2. Open the desired target environment from the list.
    You may only have one default target environment.
  3. Locate the Trace Options section within the property sheet for the respective target environment.
  4. Set the Debug Mode property to True.
  5. Set the desired level of logging to suit your needs.
    Additional configuration settings are available. Please see
  6. Monitor the logging file, as desired.
    Studio log files are located C:\ProgramData\RiverStarStudio\{appname}




* Type environment

* Number of users

* Hardware

* Data I/O


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