Advanced Training


The RiverStar Studio™ Advanced Training covers the creation of a sample RiverStar Studio™ application for a retailer by the name of Jason’s Guitars. This application will focus on the call center whose responsibility it is to receive phone calls and place customer orders.

The tutorials in the advanced training guide are developed in a Java environment using a mySQL database. If you haven’t done so already, please follow the instructions outlined in the user manual to set up a Java Environment and load the mySQL database associated with this training.

Let’s begin by downloading the sample RiverStar Studio project books for the basic training program. If you’ve already downloaded the training project books while performing the Basic Training procedures, you do not need to download again. The zipped file contains the complete set of basic and advanced training project books.

Download Advanced Training Project Books

A number of sample project books are available to support your training efforts.

Note: If you need assistance, please contact RiverStar Technical Support.

To download the advanced training project books::

  1. Go to the RiverStar Knowledge Base.
  2. Search for “Training Files” in the search bar to locate the knowledge base article containing the basic training files.
  3. Locate and download the appropriate training files.
  4. Extract the zip file to the default location for Studio.
    The default location for Windows Vista is C:\Users\[username]\\Documents\RiverStar Software\WWG\Project Books.
    You can confirm – or change – the default location within RiverStar Studio by going to File > Default Location.
  5. Confirm the project books extracted properly.
    Each lesson has its own project book that can be used as a starting point. Each project book is stored within its own directory within the default location. Each directory contains the necessary project books files for that lesson.–>
  6. Now, let’s review the advanced training lesson plan.