The Basics


Our Basic Training lesson plan teaches you the basic features and functionality of RiverStar Studio, covering common tasks that you might use on a regular basis. Each lesson contains a number of short, related exercises building upon the previous ones, ultimately leading you to build your own application.

Learning Objectives

  • How to launch Studio
  • How to add and edit text on a page.
  • How to add a new page to your project book.
  • How to add that page to a stream.

Required Updates (when necessary)

RiverStar Studio uses the One-Click installation framework which allows for easy software distribution and updates. From time to time, RiverStar may make modifications to the Studio software by way of new features, enhancements and bug fixes. In these instances, a software update may be required.

Should an update be detected, the update process will This will start automatically. No action is needed from you to complete the update. Simply let the installer run its course and then continue below.

Training Project Books

The latest version of RiverStar Studio and all training files that you will need for the Basic Training lessons are available directly from the virtual environment. The project books are labeled accordingly.

Let’s Begin…

Let’s begin with the first exercise, Launching studio …