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Using the RiverStar Training Instance on AWS

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Typically, RiverStar clients install and use Studio in a local development environment. However, RiverStar uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) to host our demo and training environments “in the cloud.”

What this means is that our demo/training environments are readily accessible to:

  • Prospective customers for the evaluation of RiverStar Studio
  • Existing customers for a virtual training environment for RiverStar Studio

In order to use the demo or training environments, please follow these steps:

  1. Please talk to your RiverStar representative to register for access.
    If you don’t ...
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Parsing XML Using the WWGXML Method

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The ability to parse XML in a generic way where you may not know tag names ahead of time.


RiverStar has a utility function, WWGXML, that provides this functionality.  This utility function encapsulates the Java (or C#) method of parsing XML. The added benefit of using this function is that is simplifies the porting of code from Java to C# or vice versa.

The following description is describing things from the java side, but for ...

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